Leroy Leduf

LEROY LEDUF - Bass & many other things

"I was actually on an audition for the role as famous Swedish actor Edvard Persson in a new soft porn movie called "Kloppeti Klopetti" when James, who was there for another role, saw me and liked my moves. When I told him I had a bass and many ideas for songs, we went to a bar and never looked back"

Your 5 favorite bands/artist?
ZZ Top, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Grimethorphe Colliery Band, ABBA,

When you're not making music you:
...stare at the wall and make cinnamon buns with my knees.

I say vaseline. You say:
It never really sticked to me!

One person and one thing to bring to a desert island:
My wife and headphones.

You have ONE voodoo needle. Who will you attack?
The politician for the moment at my bottom list!

Favorite musician?
Sören Berlev

Favorite food?
Swedish råkaka with pork and lingonberry jam.

Favorite character in Tintin books?
Piotr Szut

Favorite Egyptian pharao?